Woodstock’s Only CERTIFIED Fitness Rope Training!

What the Heck are Fitness Ropes? Voted the best new cardio tool in by Men’s Health, this workout is definitely something you have to experience to believe! The fitness ropes (which vary in length from 30 to 60 feet and 14 to 56 pounds at E.W. Training) are anchored to the floor with hardware and a ring that let’s the ropes slide through to the middle and be gripped at both ends. You guide the ropes through undulating and rotating motions that work your core, upper body, heart and lungs, while saving your lower body from high-impact and treadmill torture! But seriously…how hard could it be? After all it’s only a rope! Yet, the workout you get from ropes is tough to match. We dare you to try it! Some say they develop a love-hate relationship with the ropes. They love what the ropes do in such a short amount of time, but they also offer a tough, grueling workout.

Why Train with Fitness Ropes?

  • Fitness Ropes are a Great Cardio Workout! They offer a no-impact cardio workout with a high-intensity metobolic conditioning. You can reach your maximum heart rate in a minimal time. They are great for someone looking to get the most out of a 30-minute workout.
  • Fintenss Ropes are a Great Equalizer Everyone can undulate the rope. Injured, heavy, athlete – the ropes have no mercy. Ropes can also be a great way for injured athletes to stay fit during periods of rehabilitation.
  • Fitness Ropes Gets Your Muscles Working in Concert Undulation forces the body to integrate many muscle groups to get the job done. You instinctually find a level of efficiency that allows you to dig just a bit deeper to last the time.
  • Last But Not Least – Everyone and Anyone Can Do It!