McHenry County’s #1 Functional Strength Training Center

E.W. Training Workouts involve sweat, heaving breathing, and hard work. We will push your body past its comfort zone, but we promise you…YOU WILL LOVE THE RESULTS! Whether you are training with our Ropes, Kettlebells, Body Weight Training, TRX, Power Circuit, Boxing, or some combination of the above, we will take you to levels of fitness and functional strength that you’ve never imagined.

We believe that everyone is a warrior…you could just be on a fitness-leave of absence! Don’t worry about not being strong enough…or not being tough enough. Our clients are at all fitness levels – from beginner to intermediate to competitive athletes and special combat forces! Whatever your fitness level, we help you set your goals and then most importantly, we help you realize them.

Fun Group Fitness Classes

Looking to trim down, tone up, gain strength, improve power, increase flexibility, become resilient to injury? E.W. Training classes are the place for you. No more mindless working out thinking you’re actually doing something for your body. It’s time to improve!

Have Questions?

    EWT’s most popular class is the 5:15 AM. For a dedicated group, the early morning workout is a perfect start. The cardio-core, circuit training, and kettle bell classes offer an unbeatable energy boost that lasts all day. Everyone is welcome. So why not see what a little sweat in the morning can do for you?

    Dani visits EWT of Woodstock, Illinois nearly every day and credits her workouts for staying functionally strong on the job. She loves the challenge of EWT workouts because she loves how they make her feel.

    Membership & Training at E.W. Training

    Our training involves full-body, dynamic motions that incorporate entire muscle groups. IT’S ALL ABOUT MUSCLE CONFUSION! Rather than focusing on one muscle for muscle building, our workouts move your entire body in a way that builds true functional strength, helping you to look and feel great while building strength for real life.

    Membership at E.W. Training Includes:

    • Complete and continuous instruction with all of our tools by certified instructors
    • BMI/Body Fat Testing
    • Video Analysis of Your Form
    • Nutritional Planning
    • Cutting Edge Functional & Tactical Training
    • Accountability Form & Planning

    We look forward to helping you in your quest for Fitness Excellence!