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What is a Body Weight Training?

Body Weight Training is the use of your body as the gym. Too often people will spend their time working on increasing their arms or chest or decreasing their waistline or legs… why not work on the entire body every time? The military, dating back to the Roman Empire, believed in Body Weight Training, as do the special forces in our military (SEALS, Rangers, Delta, etc), so it must work. Body Weight Training can include traditional exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and dips, but at E.W.T., we challenge your body with training that includes the like of Hindu Push-ups, Sumo Squats, Planks, Duck Walks, Bridges, Trunk and CORE training. You’ll do more of these than you ever imagined you could. We promise you’ll watch in amazement as you begin to achieve muscle confusion, true growth and weight loss – all through the use of your body as the gym!

One Simple Fact!

It is very important to understand that you cannot have a flat stomach or a well-defined mid-section without this step.

  • You need to be totally honest with yourself and find the flaws in your food and beverage intake and then take steps to get control of your diet and clean it up. It is time to realize that no matter how hard you workout, you simply cannot out-train a lousy diet.

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